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When your CA home’s plumbing stops working, the resulting messes can be a nightmare. At Green Pro Remodeling, we understand what it’s like to deal with the mess and the inconvenience of plumbing problems. Trust us to get your home back in order as quickly as possible whenever you need plumbing maintenance or repair. We does its best to make sure that the process of diagnosing and repairing your plumbing fixture is as convenient as possible. When you make an appointment with us, you don’t have to worry about timing – we’ll work around your schedule, with no extra charge for weekends or evenings. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of general plumbing and heating services at affordable prices. From water heater installation to the sewer line and drainpipe clearing, we offer solutions along the spectrum of residential and commercial plumbing needs.


The experienced electricians of Green Pro Remodeling specialize in providing residential and commercial electrical service and repair. Whether you need a simple home repair or have a more detailed commercial project reserved for an expert electrical contractor, we can help. We understand that electrical emergencies don’t always happen during standard work hours. Whether you need assistance at 2 a.m. on a Saturday in Encino or 10 p.m. on Tuesday in different region of CA, we will be available. Whether it’s hanging a ceiling fan, installing a custom-designed landscape lighting system, or rewiring a commercial structure, you can call Green Pro Remodeling. Our team specializes in installation of specialty light fixtures as well as any of our other residential or commercial services. We have the power to make things better and we want to be your local CA electrician that also serves all the surrounding communities of Encino.


Our work include refinishing existing floors (custom stains) and installing new prefinished or unfinished floors. Products include domestic and exotic species, solid and engineered wood flooring, custom inlays and borders. We use traditional Swedish finish and non-toxic waterborne finishes. If your project requirements include sound attenuation or radiant heat, we can recommend and install state-of-the-art products. Our floors come complete with treads, risers, and skirtboards and wood vents for heating registers and air returns. We prepare level and waterproof concrete floors in advance of wood flooring installations. We installs all types of flooring, counters, backsplashes, and tub surrounds for your application. So whether it’s Hardwood, Carpet, Tile, Countertops, Linoleum, or Stone, Green Pro Remodeling is your inside connection to quality materials and expert installation.


With our broad expertise in home heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, we can work on your home as a unified whole. From seasonal maintenance to new construction projects, no job is too big or too complicated for us. Our deep understanding of how all your systems complement each other enables us to offer genuinely customized HVAC repair and installation services. Allow us to provide you with the most energy-efficient, comfort-enhancing heating and air conditioning systems on the market today. When our loyal customers call us for furnace repair on a cold winter’s night, we know they need our help right away; not next week. We always do our best to send a professional, friendly, and knowledgeable technician out to help as soon as possible, which means the same day or night when it comes to emergency heating and cooling repair. Our entire energy consultant team takes the time and care to listen to each of our customers’ unique interests, needs, and circumstances to make sure we deliver the perfect HVAC system needed for cool and warm comfort every day of the year. With Green Pro Remodeling, you know you are choosing a quality contractor.

Room Additions

People typically make the decision to opt for a new home addition project in CA for one of two reasons. Either they need more space or would like to add great value to their home. In most cases, the homeowner would like to enhance the visual appeal of the homes they love. If you are only interested in adding space, you need to have a working understanding of the different types of professional home additions in CA. If you would like to increase the value of your home, it is important to get good materials and work with a skilled remodeling contractor in all areas. Ensure that you connect with a reputable professional contractor to start working on your next home addition project. At Green Pro Remodeling, all of our contractors have at least 10 years of experience. Whether you are considering your next kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or room addition you need, give us a call to schedule your free home addition estimate today. Let us suggest the best bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, bedroom addition, or a den that your whole family will enjoy according to your location, space, and construction budget.


Your home often sends clear signs when its foundation is failing. Cracked or buckling walls, uneven floors, and stuck windows and doors are all warning signs that your foundation might be damaged. Foundation problems affect the safety, appearance, and value of your home. If not addressed properly, lead to bigger – and more expensive – repairs down the road. Here at Green Pro Remodeling we understand that the foundation of your home is paramount, not only for the safety and structural integrity of your home, but also essential in protecting and preserving the value of your home. With older homes, especially in and around the CA area with our wet seasons, sinking foundations are often responsible for bowing walls, cracked floors, leaning chimneys, and a whole host of other problems. If you are experiencing any of these problems, give us a call right away. We’ll inspect your foundation, find out what is going on, and come up with a plan of action to fix your foundation. We offer quality foundation repair in Encino and throughout California State.


From our no-obligation consultation and design service to the finished product, you will not find a more pleasurable experience. Our decks are built with the highest quality materials. From our beautiful natural wood options to our man-made composite options, we have a wide variety of decking options. Even the most complicated projects are a welcome challenge. Whether you see yourself out in the sun on a simple cedar deck, climbing the stairs to a view deck, or seeking the shade of an overhead, chances are that if you can see it we can build it. Serving Encino and its surrounding areas, Masterdecks offers the unmatched beauty of our custom decking work that will set your outdoor living space apart. Masterdecks specializes in composite decking, hardwood decks, and multilevel decks. Our teams of talented designers, project managers, and deck contractors offer unmatched services. From the initial no-obligation consultation to our design service all the way to the finished product, Masterdecks offers Encino area homeowners a pleasurable experience.


Our fencing installation and repair team is a full-service fencing company, experienced in all types of fence projects — from small repairs, gates, arbors, trellis, residential, homeowner association projects, industrial security and all types of commercial fencing projects. Green Pro Remodeling only offers top quality fences. Our teams make sure every fence is built using the best and longest lasting methods and can be proud to leave behind for you to enjoy for many years. We also believe communication is the most important aspect to a successful partnership between client and contractor. Therefore, we want to be as transparent as possible with a clear contract and clear expectations to insure complete customer satisfaction. We are licensed and insured and peace of mind in our company and our products.

Block Walls

We are one of the professional block walls companies in Encino, CA and neighboring areas. Whether you’re looking for a stone block walls or concrete block walls; we’ve got you covered with our superb block walls service. We have years of experience under our belt and deliver stellar results in minimal time. We are one of the best block wallls companies in the CA area because of the spectacular results that we can achieve under the banner of our retaining walls service. As one of the affordable retaining walls companies, we offer our block walls service at budget-friendly costs. Our customers love us because of the detailed retaining walls estimates that we provide. When building with retaining wall blocks in the CA region, cornerstone hollow core blocks will allow you to build Stairs, Curves, Corners, tall retaining walls and small retaining walls. Your imagination is really the limit to building these structures. Most application are simply just levelling out a front or backyard. The simplicity of using this retaining wall system is what drives users to keep coming back for more.


Driving from the rough road to the comfort of your home would not be possible without a CA concrete driveway. More often than not, this concrete surface is taken for granted. It may be easy to ignore the cracks and spall offs that have started popping up on the surface but these need to be addressed immediately. Aside from the fact that it could get worse, it would affect curb appeal and the value of your property significantly. Fortunately, there are ways how you could improve its form and function without investing a considerable amount of money.
Installing a new driveway may seem like the surest possible solution but it is not the most practical one. Not only will it cost more, it will also take longer to complete. Imagine the hassle of not being able to use your driveway for weeks or even a month! Green Pro Remodeling offers solutions that could restore your current driveway but bringing it up a whole new level with enhanced appeal and improved function.
  • Driveway Resurfacing – If the top layer is weak and brittle, a great solution is to resurface the entire driveway with a newer and more durable coating or overlay. A concrete stamped driveway is popular because of the many design options it offers. Also, the stamped concrete brick, flagstone, or slate pattern on the overlay helps enhance the grip of tires on the surface, especially on sloped driveways.
  • Driveway Refinishing – Refinishing the driveway can immediately update its look with just the addition of a color stain or sealer. Driveways are prone to grease and oil stains and staining it would definitely cover those up and give it a fresh new color and shine, making the surface look almost brand new.
  • Driveway Repair – Damage is probably most expected on the driveway since it deals with frequent vehicular traffic and it is exposed to outdoor weather changes all the time. Common driveway issues include cracks, freeze-thaw damage, discoloration, and more.
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